The Palmer Woods Historic District is named after Thomas W. Palmer, a citizen of nineteenth-century Detroit and a United States Senator. A neighborhood that has always hosted the most wealthy Detroiters. The only real thing to do here is drive around and check out all the historic mansions. One can only think of all the people that lived here in the past and present, since the neighborhood looks like it still belongs in the 1920s.

Dorthy G Turkel House by Frank Lloyd Wright (pictured - top left)
The only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Detroit city limits. Kind of hard to see, but you can get a closer view if you park and walk up to it.
2760 W Seven Mile Rd.
Bishop Gallagher House (pictured - top right)
The largest home in Detroit, at 40,000 sq ft and over 62 rooms. Built in 1925 by the Fisher brothers, was donated to Bishop Gallagher of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit where he lived until his death in 1937.
1880 Wellesley Dr.