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Filled with vibrant buildings and some of the best street art in the city. Isn’t the most happening place, but seems to have more restaurants than any other hood. You do have to do some exploring on your own, since most places are spread out. Vernor Highway and Bagley St. contain most of the highlights.




42.3209° N, 83.096876° W

Taqueria El Rey
Simple and straight-forward amazing mexican food and beer. Cash only.
4730 Vernor Hwy
Mexicantown Baker
Large selection of baked goods and Mexican pastries.
4300 Vernor Hwy
Bagley Pedestrian Bridge
When i75 was built in the 70's, it pretty much cut Mexicantown in half. The bridge built decades later reconnected the neighorhood for foot traffic.
Hotel Yorba
Hotel built in the 1920's made famous by The White Stripes and song, "Hotel Yorba," which was recorded in room 206. Today the hotel is more or less a flop house for short term stays.
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